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Doors of solid wood

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Doors of solid wood

Doors of solid wood

Doors of solid wood are produced by our craftsmen using the latest technologies. The best qualities of natural wood are carefully preserved, the material undergoes special processing that helps to make the exploitation period of the products much longer.

Operational and aesthetic qualities of natural wooden doors as well as their price depend on many factors, including the type of wood used in their manufacture. Countless types of natural wood are primarily divided into foliage (solid) and coniferous (soft). Both of these types are actively used for the doors manufacture. Each type of wood has its unique peculiarities and talented craftsmen use them when making production.

The most traditional and widely used material in the doors manufacture is oak. The wood of oak characterized by hazel, light pink or reddish color eventually becomes darker, apart from this it has high solidity and as a result durability. Oak has a special texture that is easy to manufacture and stain. This type of wood is perfectly suitable for our climate conditions.

High quality manufacture and the right choice of material will guarantee that oak interior doors would easily tolerate severe climatic changes. When properly dried, wooden oak doors will serve You for many years, pleasing You with the stability of their characteristics. High quality oak doors are viewed as a luxury product that impresses everyone by its natural beauty. Except for installing oak doors, You can choose the appropriate general interior. Oak doors can be made in classical as well as in other styles.

Another type of wood that is widely used for the door production is ash. This type of wood with color varying from chestnut to light pink, has a unique flexibility, strength and elasticity. This type of wood is even more solid than oak! Unlike beech ash tree is unpretentious. It is able to maintain its characteristics even if not properly dried.

Among the coniferous trees the most popular are pine and fir-tree. Their usage in the door manufacture makes them more accessible for the consumers.

Due to resinous basis this type of wood doesn`t react to temperature and humidity changes and as a result it`s quite practical and reliable timber.

The great thing about wooden trees is that the consumer may choose that type of mode that would perfectly suit him!